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Michelle Ashburner is a lover of people, then words (and a coffee-holic) and the stories that can be woven with them. She has been a writer since the age of four, and a bibliophile from the moment she fell in love with Noddy stories. She has written for corporates, bloggers and the general enjoyment of writing. Michelle is working on completing her first book and admits she considers her work as her “Precious” and therefore sharing it is generally difficult.

Her love of words means though that she has a penchant for noticing typos which compelled her to get into publishing. She loves encouraging would-be writers in achieving their aspirations to captivate the world and make a difference.

She has worked in various roles from advertising sales and training to project management, and on different continents. As a home-loving South African, she is now the owner of a local newspaper she launched in 2018 called The Great Guide (www.thegreatguide.co.za)

Her education and natural introversion moulded her into an independent thinker who is unafraid to express her opinion. When Michelle isn’t poring over words, negotiating deals, training, playing lawn bowls or coming up with a new way to right wrongs of the world, she can be seen travelling somewhere with a hat of some kind in her luggage. Usually, Canon in one hand looking for the best-ever shot (she is yet to find it) and a rucksack on her back. Her signature colour is burnt orange, although she doesn’t have much of it in her clothing choices. Her favourite items of clothing are jeans, comfortable waterproof sneakers and a cape in winter – she also has a thing for bags (especially leather and travelling bags) and boxes of all kinds. Why? Not even Michelle can tell you.

Her passions are first and foremost being the On-Phire Coach, then being a womantrepreneur business warrior, and assisting youth to get the skills they need to carve out the life of their dreams.

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